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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lenten Nail Pocket Reminders

Pocket reminders given to congregation on the first Sunday of Lent. 

2" Hard Cut Masonry Nails. 
(Watch when you choose them.  There are 2 different types of heads to these nails.  Choose the flat heads). A 1 lb. box contains approximately 75 nails. Word of warning:  These nails have an oily coating on them that you won't notice until you've handled several of them (and your hands end up very blackened!).  Wash the nails in very hot, soapy water first (several times needed) and hand-dry them with paper towels before handing them to your congregation!

Some thoughts on the offering of this Lenten pocket reminder to members of the congregation:
1.)  If it is your custom to serve/receive Communion by intinction, coming forward to receive the elements, and Communion will be offered the first Sunday of Lent, you might want to have a third person at each Communion station.  One to serve the bread, one to offer the chalice and one to place this "remembrance" of Jesus' love (the nail) into the hands of each person.  The third person uses his/her thumb to make the sign of the cross into the palm of the recipient's hand, saying "Remember Jesus' love for you."  And then he/she places the nail into the person's hand to take with them as a constant reminder of this love during the Lenten season. 

2.)  If Communion isn't served on the first Sunday of Lent, or if your service is such that you don't come forward to receive Communion, then you might consider having people stationed at all of the exits of the sanctuary so that the congregation can receive the Lenten nail pocket reminders as they leave the worship service.  This would be a wonderful way of asking the Confirmands to be participants ... asking them to be the ones to offer the nails and the words of Jesus' love to those who have come to worship that day.

3.)  A third option might be to give an invitation to kneel at the altar in prayer as part of the worship service (and at the beginning of the Lenten journey).  The invitation could be extended at some point during or at the closing of the worship service at which time the nail and the words of remembrance be offered then. 

Words of remembrance as the nail is offered:  "Remember Jesus' love for you."
(And always look into a person's eyes when these words are offered.  The giving of these precious words is THAT important!)

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